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River Street Sweets at Night

River Street at Night River Street is one of the most popular places for anyone who visits Savannah. On any given night you can head down to River Street and mingle with all of the tourists and locals who are out for a good time. While making your way down River Street you will come…

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Another Beautiful Savannah Sunset

Sunset at the marshes You’ll notice on this blog that I love getting out and taking photographs of the nature that surrounds Savannah just as much as I do of the historic district in Savannah. There is soo much beautiful to behold, only a few minutes drive from downtown Savannah Georgia. This particular sunset was…

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The Carved Tree in Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia
Springtime in Savannah

Well, spring has arrived in Savannah. It doesn’t feel like it all of the time, with the blustery winds, but spring is here. While walking around Savannah’s Squares you may notice that flowers are in bloom…and if you have allergies I am quite certain you are well aware of the pollen floating everywhere, coating everything.…

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The Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah at Sunrise

The Oglethorpe Statue in Chippewa Square Chippewa Square is one of the most visited Squares in all of Historic Savannah. Between the beautiful homes, the Savannah Theatre, the General Oglethorpe Monument, Forrest Gump fans, Chippewa Square has a lot to draw people in. In Chippewa Square stands General Oglethorpe, in all of his bronze glory.…

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The Fountain in Forsyth Park
Forsyth Fountain in the Morning

Forsyth Fountain in the Morning A few weeks back I had the pleasure of walking around the Historic District at sunrise. Walking around Savannah is always an activity worth pursuing, but when dark turns to light it is especially satisfying. Savannah’s spirits come out to play in the darkness of its streets. Watching the light…

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River Street Sunrise…sort of

A few weeks back I went out to photograph the sunrise in Savannah Georgia. Well, the sun did come up, but I didn’t photograph it. It was behind enough clouds to ruin my morning. Damn clouds…why are you never around when I need you? If you are looking for a great sunrise photograph in Savannah…

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The PediCabs of Savannah

If you are in Savannah long enough you are bound to see one of these guys, a member of the Savannah Pedicab corps. These guys are great. It is a very environmentally friendly  and novel way to get around the city of Savannah. I was talking to one guy who worked as one and he said they…

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River Street at Dusk

Photographing River Street at Dusk River Street is a popular place here in Savannah. Its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, restaurants and shops keep people filing into the streets most hours of the day. It is a fun place to spend a few hours taking pictures. Night-time, especially, is a great time to head down to…

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