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Backstage at the Lucas Theatre

Backstage at the Lucas Theatre

The Lucas Theatre is located on Abercorn Street, right at Reynold’s Square. This historic theatre is one of those ‘must-see’ places while visiting historic Savannah. Most days they allow you to enter the theatre and take a self-guided tour.

This area is backstage at the Lucas Theatre. This area is off-limits to tour groups so I thought you would all be interesting in seeing a little of the backstage area. There are all sorts of ropes and pulleys I could never make sense of along this wall. I have always wondered what a real theatre looked like behind the curtain…my experience on stage is limited to Mary Poppins in 4th grade.

Over the next few weeks I will leak a few photos of the Lucas Theatre here and there.It is a great place to visit while in Savannah.

Photograph of Backstage at the Lucas Theatre in Savannah Georgia

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