Visit Historic Savannah Georgia

Information about visiting the Historic District of Savannah Georgia
The Mercer Williams House, at night in Savannah
Walking Historic Savannah at Night

Savannah Georgia is well know as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, the vast majority of people who come to Savannah only get to see our historic homes and streets during the day. At night, Savannah takes on a new type of beauty. Slightly eerie, but beautiful as ever, we suggest…

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E Shaver Bookseller in Savannah Georgia
E. Shaver Bookseller

E Shaver Bookstore Sitting on Madison Square is E. Shaver Bookseller. This quaint bookstore has been selling books for quite some time. It is certainly a favorite place to pick up the latest novel for locals..and tourists alike. When you walk in you’ll feel surrounded by books. It is an intimate setting. With low ceilings…

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Ghost Tours of Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah Georgia
Take a Ghost Tour!

Take a Ghost Tour! This picture above, of the Colonial Park Cemetery, reminds me of one of the most popular activities here in Savannah Georgia, ghost tours. February is fast approaching and you may be thinking…a ghost tour in the winter? Absolutely! The weather is nice and cool at night, the streets are fairly empty…it…

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Statues at Bonaventure Cemetery
Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah

Statues to the dead at Bonaventure Calling them gravestones simply does not do them justice. Many of the grave markers at Bonaventure Cemetery are true works of art. Sculptures worked for untold hours creating these beautiful statues and monuments to the dead who are buried in the grounds of Bonaventure Cemetery. Bonaventure is more than…

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A photograph of the interior of the Lucas Theatre in Historic Savannah Georgia
The Interior of the Lucas Theatre

The Lucas Theatre – A Look Inside The Lucas Theatre, on Abercorn Street in Historic Savannah, is one of Savannah’s iconic landmarks. Known for its well lit marquee, the Lucas Theatre attracts the attention of many visitors to the Historic District of Savannah. The Lucas Theatre in Savannah was opened in December of 1921. The…

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The Hamilton Turner Inn on Lafayette Square
The Hamilton Turner Inn – Savannah Bed & Breakfast

The Hamilton Turner Inn – An elegant Savannah Bed and Breakfast Sitting on beautiful Lafayette Square in historic Savannah Georgia sits the Hamilton Turner Inn. The Hamilton Turner Inn is surely one of Savannah’s most elegant and highly acclaimed bed and breakfasts. If you’re looking for a Bed and Breakfast during your next stay in…

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Taking a NIghttime Tour in Savannah Georgia
Taking a Night Tour in Savannah

Take a Night Tour in Savannah Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Many people come to Savannah to take in all of the historic buildings, beautiful squares and amazing architecture. An overlooked way of taking in all of Savannah is taking a tour at night in Savannah. The streets of…

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The Davenport House on Columbia Square
The Davenport House in Columbia Square

The Davenport House The Davenport House must be regarded as one of the most important homes in the Historic District, and if not, then it was surely the catalyst that started a movement and saved hundreds of other buildings, homes and mansions in the Historic District. It was the Davenport House, that rallied the women…

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The Gazebo in Whitefield Square
Whitefield Square Gazebo

The Gazebo in Whitefield Square Whitefield Square was the last of the Squares of Savannah to be laid out. in 1851 Whitefield Square was put into place. Named for Reverend Georgia Whitefield, the square is a popular place for many activities in the Historic District in Savannah. Right in the middle of Whitefield Square is…

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