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Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah

Statues at Bonaventure Cemetery

Statues to the dead at Bonaventure

Calling them gravestones simply does not do them justice. Many of the grave markers at Bonaventure Cemetery are true works of art. Sculptures worked for untold hours creating these beautiful statues and monuments to the dead who are buried in the grounds of Bonaventure Cemetery. Bonaventure is more than a simple cemetery, it is an outdoor sculpture garden that has few rivals in the country.

When you head to Bonaventure Cemetery make sure you take a camera with you. Undoubtedly there will be many photo-ops throughout the cemetery. The best time to go to Bonaventure, for photos or just to visit, is in the morning. The lighting is better, the temperatures haven’t reached their peak yet.

Bonaventure Cemetery is a very large cemetery and it can be easy to get lost inside of the cemetery. If you stop at the main house at the entrance to the cemetery you can usually hire someone to take you around Bonaventure. They work at the Cemetery and know it as well as anyone. They can take you directly to some of the more famous graves in Bonaventure, including the one above. Most people simple call it the Girl with the upturned Shell. You can find it on the Baldwin Family plot, in the back of Bonaventure, towards the river.

Many of the monuments and statues in Bonaventure Cemetery are of a religious nature, as should be expected in a cemetery. You will find many crosses and angles throughout Bonaventure. On the graves of children who died young it is common to have a lamb on the gravestone. You will also notice a lot of obelisks throughout Bonaventure Cemetery.

On your next trip to Savannah make sure you plan a morning to go visit Bonaventure Cemetery. You will be amazed by the peaceful beauty of Bonaventure.

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  • Chase Anderson

    Astounding photographs. It’s very rare to see images that truly capture the Genius Loci, the indwelling spirit of Bonaventure, the Savannah Historic District, and the surrounding Low Country.

  • Robin

    I am so happy that I came along your website! It is by far the best website about Savannah that I have seen. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful photographs and stories with us.

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