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Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah Georgia

While visiting Savannah Georgia there are certain places that you need to visit. Bonaventure Cemetery is one of those places. It is an iconic Savannah landmark, rich in history and beauty. The peaceful paths that run through Bonaventure Cemetery are shaded by the magnificent oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. Walking among the dead in such a beautiful setting can be a very spiritual experience. Visiting Bonaventure Cemetery could be the highlight of your trip to Savannah Ga.

Bonaventure Cemetery has been receiving Savannah’s dead for over 200 years. Many of Savannah’s famous residents are buried in Bonaventure Cemetery. While walking through Bonaventure Cemetery you will notice that many of the dead are arranged in family burial plots. It was a very common practice for entire families to be laid to rest in the same plot, cose to each other even beyond death. Another feature of Bonaventure Cemetery that you are sure to enjoy are the elaborate headstones which mark the final resting place for everyone who is buried here.Some of the headstones in Savannah have become some of the most photographed things in all of Savannah Georgia.

Bonaventure Cemetery has fairly restricted hours. The gates are closed at 5pm most nights. The best time to visit Bonaventure Cemetery is during the morning. The temperatures have not quite spiked. The number of people in the Cemetery also tends to be a lot less in the morning hours.

So, on your next trip to historic Savannah Ga make sure to leave some time to get outside of the historic district and explore Bonaventure Cemetery.

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah Georgia

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