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The Davenport House on Columbia Square
The Davenport House in Columbia Square

The Davenport House The Davenport House must be regarded as one of the most important homes in the Historic District, and if not, then it was surely the catalyst that started a movement and saved hundreds of other buildings, homes and mansions in the Historic District. It was the Davenport House, that rallied the women…

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The Benches in Columbia Square

Columbia Square is one of my favorite Squares in Savannah. Most times of the day Columbia Square is very peaceful and relatively quiet. Sitting on the Square are two of the more well-known homes in Savannah, the Kehoe House and the Davenport House. If you are out and about in Savannah and need a place…

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The Kehoe and Davenport Houses

The Kehoe and Davenport Homes in Savannah Located on Columbia Square, in Savannah Georgia, are two of my favorite homes in Savannah. The Kehoe House and Davenport House sit diagonal from each other on Habersham Street in the historic district of Savannah. I have photographed the Kehoe House (on the left) probably more than any…

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The Fountain in Columbia Square

The Fountain at Columbia Square Last night I was spent walking around the east side of the Historic District, specifically the block or two surrounding Columbia Square. Columbia Square is sometimes overlooked, with many tourists visiting the Squares on the west-side, such as Johnson and Monterey, but Columbia is probably my favorite Square. Usually nice…

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