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The Carved Tree in Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia
Springtime in Savannah

Well, spring has arrived in Savannah. It doesn’t feel like it all of the time, with the blustery winds, but spring is here. While walking around Savannah’s Squares you may notice that flowers are in bloom…and if you have allergies I am quite certain you are well aware of the pollen floating everywhere, coating everything.…

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The Fountain in Forsyth Park
Forsyth Fountain in the Morning

Forsyth Fountain in the Morning A few weeks back I had the pleasure of walking around the Historic District at sunrise. Walking around Savannah is always an activity worth pursuing, but when dark turns to light it is especially satisfying. Savannah’s spirits come out to play in the darkness of its streets. Watching the light…

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Forsyth Fountain, in Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia, after dark
Forsyth Park at Night

This photograph was taken at Forsyth Park, in Savannah Georgia. After the sun goes down Forsyth Park allows visitors for some time. I believe the ‘official’ hours are that the park closes at 9pm in unlighted areas and 11pm in lighted areas. According to a source of mine, mainly a homeless man who goes by…

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Forsyth Fountain in Savannah

Today I decided to put a photograph up that I am a little unsure of. This photograph is of the fountain in Forsyth Park. I debated putting this up for a few days, so let me know what you think. Taking this photograph, more specifically making it look right in post-processing was quite the chore.…

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Forsyth Fountain in Savannah Georgia

In the city of Savannah, there are many little parks, and some not soo little, all over the place. I find it one of the best qualities of the cities. It was beautiful. Forsyth Park is probably the most famous of this little parks. At the north end of Forsyth Park, stands Forsyth Fountain. It…

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The Sidewalk in Forsyth Park

The Sidewalk in Forsyth Park Anytime you visit Historic Savannah you should make sure to spend some time visiting Forsyth Park. Forsyth park is easily one of the most visited areas in the historic district of Savannah. On any given day tens of thousands of people will walk through the park, checking out the famous…

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