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E Shaver Bookseller in Savannah Georgia
E. Shaver Bookseller

E Shaver Bookstore Sitting on Madison Square is E. Shaver Bookseller. This quaint bookstore has been selling books for quite some time. It is certainly a favorite place to pick up the latest novel for locals..and tourists alike. When you walk in you’ll feel surrounded by books. It is an intimate setting. With low ceilings…

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The Savannah Street Sunrise

Photographing at Sunrise in Savannah This photograph was taken from Madison Square, looking east towards Drayton Street. More and more I have been trying to find these sorts of photos in Savannah. This isn’t a typical ‘tourist’ photograph. And with the number of tourists in Savannah (and all of them have cameras), it is hard…

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Savannah’s Hidden Spots

Off the beaten path in Savannah Here is another photograph from Madison Square which most people would probably walk on by. never knowing it even exists. Between the Green-Meldrim House and St. Johns next door is this little walkway. It isn’t anything too terrible special, but it is pretty cool. Like I have said many…

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The Church Door – Savannah Georgia

Churches, cathedrals…they are an integral part in the daily life of many people here in Savannah. During my time here I have found Savannah to filled with pretty religious people. Most of the people I talk to go to church regularly. This particular church, well the side door of it anyways, is St. John’s Episcopal…

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The Green Meldrim House in Savannah

The Green-Meldrim House, on Madison Square, is one of the most beautiful homes in all of Savannah. Built in the mid-1800’s for Charles Green, the Green-Meldrim House is one of the best examples of Gothic Revival architecture anywhere in the country. During the Civil war, General William Sherman made his way to Savannah blazing a…

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