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Christmas in Savannah

I love Savannah, I really do. However, this time of the year really gets to me. It is tough being away from my little girls and everyone who matters to me. Walking around downtown Savannah you see many sights such as this, a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree displayed in a window. It really is a beautiful sight. But when I see things like this all I can think about is decorating the tree with them. I know I will be with them here soon, but in the mean-time it doesn’t really make you feel better. You get lonely when you are away from your family at the Holidays and this year it is hitting me particularly hard.

Even though I do get lonely, it really is a great time of the year. I cannot wait to see my little ladies…I think about years pasts, the smiles and laughs we have shared during this time of the year…yeah, that’s better. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, maybe I am not soo alone after all…

Christmas Tree in Savannah Georgia

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