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Dining at the Bohemian in Savannah

Photographing along River Street in Savannah

Along River Street in Savannah Georgia ┬áis a hotel called The Bohemian. It is a cool hip joint. If you go inside you will see that the inside of this hotel is decorated very nicely as well. Many people who visit Savannah stay at the Bohemian because of its’ location and the vibe it gives off. I spent time photographing the hotel a few weeks back with my bud Scott. You may remember this photograph of the Rooftop Bar at the Bohemian. On River Street, they have a few tables set up for people wanting to sit and have a cup of coffee of a bite to eat. As Scott was photographing the World War II Memorial I decided to grab a few photos of these fine people.

If you are looking for a place to stay while visiting Savannah consider staying at the Bohemian. If you are looking to stay along River Street it will be a hard place to beat. Plus, you can just walk down to River Street and enjoy your coffee while watching the Savannah River go by.

Photograph of Dinners at the Bohemian Hotel in Savannah Georgia

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