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Ever hear of a Savannah Rose?

Well, rest assured, that if you come to Savannah not knowing what one is, you will leave knowing. Throughout most of the ‘touristy’ areas in town you can usually find someone trying to sell you a Savannah Rose, or some other item made from Palm Leaves. People will take a palm leave, rip it into thing strips and fold it into different little creations, usually roses..origami style. This guy, who’s name is not known to me, can usually be found sitting in Johnson Square creating his Palm ‘art’. Many times the people selling these are some of the less fortunate members of society just trying to make a few bucks for whatever they need.

One of their favorite techniques to get you to buy one is to come up to you and give it to you…then ask for a ‘donation’. I guess they figure once it is in your hand you are more apt to pay for it. So…if you don’t want one and someone tries to hand you one, just politely decline it. They are usually very pleasant, even in rejection. If you feel like buying one, by all means, do so. You might be giving someone the money they need to eat that night.

Ever hear of a Savannah Rose, made from Palm Leaves.

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