Christmas in Savannah Sunrise over Savannah…sort of.

Everything is Crooked

Photographing the Crooked Buildings in Savannah

Savannah Georgia is a very old town. It was founded in 1733. It is not uncommon to come across buildings that were built in the 1700’s and early 1800’s. It is part of the charm of Savannah, to be able to walk among buildings that hold soo much history and have seen soo much. If walls could talk, right?

As a photographer, these crooked buildings can be asĀ frustratingĀ as they are wonderful. Nothing ever lines up! When you compose a photograph you generally want horizontal lines to be horizontal and vertical lines to be, well, vertical. When you photograph a building that leans in four directions this can be tough if not impossible.

This little house is right beside the Pirate House Restaurant on Broad Street, near the Trustee’s Garden area. As you can see the house is leaning, as is the doorway and windows, ha. I love it! The buildings in the historic district in Savannah really do have a personality all of their own.

Photograph of Crooked Buildings in Savannah Georgia

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