River Street Sunrise…sort of The Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah at Sunrise

Forsyth Fountain in the Morning

The Fountain in Forsyth Park

Forsyth Fountain in the Morning

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of walking around the Historic District at sunrise. Walking around Savannah is always an activity worth pursuing, but when dark turns to light it is especially satisfying. Savannah’s spirits come out to play in the darkness of its streets. Watching the light infiltrate those very streets, watching the night turn to day creates an experience that awakens you…on the inside.

After the sun had been above the horizon for some time my feet had led me to Forsyth Fountain. The Fountain in Forsyth Park has been the subject of countless photographs. It is always a challenge to get a photo like nobody else’s. Is this photograph unique? Not really. I do like the symmetry of this composition. I decided to put this photograph out as it was taken from almost the same place as this photograph of Forsyth Park I took at night. I got good news that the photo at the end of the link is going to be used on the cover of a novel. I will share details when it is finalized.

If you find yourself in Savannah make sure to get out of bed before the world becomes familiar, before the light fills the streets. Make your way to Forsyth Park and take a photo of the Fountain. There are few things that symbolize Savannah more than this fountain.

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