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Forsyth Park at Night

Forsyth Fountain, in Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia, after dark

This photograph was taken at Forsyth Park, in Savannah Georgia. After the sun goes down Forsyth Park allows visitors for some time. I believe the ‘official’ hours are that the park closes at 9pm in unlighted areas and 11pm in lighted areas. According to a source of mine, mainly a homeless man who goes by the name of Sammy, the fountain turns off at 9:30pm. I don’t know if that is true or not, but a safe bet would be to try and be at the fountain before 9pm to get photographs like the one below.

Another advantage of photographing the fountain in Forsyth Park after dark is the lack of people. Aside from the stray tourist or bike-rider, the park is fairly empty…at least it is on the nights I have went there after dark. ┬áMake sure you take a tripod with you, you’ll need it for the long exposure times you will need to capture all of the beauty of the fountain.

This is an HDR Photograph, which I blended back into one of the original dark exposures pretty heavily. I don’t know, I just think when doing HDR at night, there should be a lot of dark areas. The HDR photographs I see at night-time where there is detail everywhere just don’t work for me. That isn’t the way your eyes see it.

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