The Savannah Street Sunrise The Historic Savannah Theatre

Lafayette Square at Sunrise

Photographing Lafayette Square at Sunrise in Savannah

Are you starting to notice a theme with the last few photographs of Savannah that I have put on the blog? Sunrise photography in Savannah! It was such a beautiful morning, with gorgeous light, that I cannot help myself put to keep putting them up. I promise that tomorrow I will refrain from putting up another sunrise photograph from Savannah…but I am guessing by the amount of traffic that comes to the site to view them, putting another one online probably isn’t a bad idea.

This photograph was taken in Lafayette Square here in Savannah. Named for the Marquis de Lafayette, of Revolutionary War fame, Lafayette is a very popular Square with tourists. The biggest draw, which you can see in the background, is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The Cathedral is a beautiful place to visit. There are few places in Savannah that photograph more amazingly then the inside of St. John’s. You can view photographs of the inside of the Cathedral of St. Johns here:



In the foreground of the photograph you can see the fountain that is placed in the center of Lafayette Square. This fountain commemorates the 250th anniversary of the founding of Georgia as a colony. On St. Patrick’s Day, the water in the fountain is dyed green.

Photograph of the fountain in Lafayette Square in Savannah Georgia at sunrise.

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