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Meet General Oglethorpe

General Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah Georgia

In Chippewa Square, downtown Savannah Georgia, is the statue to General Oglethorpe, founder of the Colony of Georgia and Savannah. It is a great subject for photographing in Savannah. Way back in 1733 he landed near River Street in Savannah and went about his merry way establishing the city of Savannah. To honor him the city of Savannah decided to give him his very own statue. The statue, which sits right in the center of Chippewa Square is probably one of the most visited and photographed monuments in the entire town of Savannah. On any busy day you can expect to see many people stopping to admire the General Oglethrope Monument. Parents will even allow their children to climb up the monument to take a photo. Please stop doing that. Climbing on the monuments is disrespectful and will earn you a few glances from the locals. Enjoy the monument without climbing on it!

Next time you are in Savannah make sure to head over to Chippewa Square and check it out. You can check out a photograph of the entire General Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah here.

Photograph of the General Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah Georgia

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