Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah

Moon River Sunset

Moon River Sunset in Savannah

So, tonight I went to a popular place for photographers here in Savannah. The Moon River fishing pier between Savannah and Tybee Beach. It turned out to be pretty popular, there were 5 other people there photographing the sunset. One of them, I talked to for awhile. His name was Dave and he is a fellow Nikon shooter from Savannah. He let me try out one of his lenses that I have never shot with, Sigma’s 10mm fisheye. It turned out to be a pretty nice lens. This photograph was taken with it.

I am starting to really like it here in Savannah. The town is awesome, the people are really nice and the scenery is very beautiful. My only complaint would be the weather. Today I was hiking through the Savannah National Wildlife Preserve and it was in the 90’s! Ugh..I don’t care for hot weather that much.

I met a few nice people today. We are all planning on going out to dinner as a group, awesome.

Moon River is a pretty cool place. There were people fishing and catching crabs. This one guy had a cooler full of Blue Crabs. I thought about asking him if I could buy some to bring back to my room here to cook….My room, which is the most awesome hotel room ever! Marble floors, two bedrooms, two baths, a private deck with a hot tub on it, a jacuzzi tub, a full kitchen, artwork everywhere, a full living room, just freaking awesome! If I knew it was only going to be me when I booked the trip I wouldn’t have got such an awesome room….*sigh*…

Anyways, I am leaving Savannah tomorrow to head to Orlando. I don’t know how much time I am I am going to spend there…a day or two I guess. Maybe I will go to Sea World, ha. I love that place.

Moon River Sunset

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  • Sherie Christina

    I am so glad to hear you are making the most of it! Sounds like fun….you mean you didn’t go crabbing!? I am jealous…..I miss Georgia and Florida! Lots of good memories there…filled with fun and laughter. I hope you leave with an awesome experience and new enlightenment. The picture is none less than amazing. I am a sucker for beautiful scenery….it is so awesome to be captured in the moment!

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