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Photographing Forsyth at Night in Black and White

Forsyth Fountain at night

Last week I went to Forsyth Park after dark and spent about an hour or so taking photographs. I wasn’t too terribly happy with many of them, which happens to everyone now and then. However, I really liked this one and decided to turn it into a black and white photograph of the fountain in Forsyth Park.

Forsyth Park is a beautiful place to visit after the sun goes down. Savannah often lights up the fountain, making a lightshow with water and light beams dancing across the fountain. Keep in mind that Forsyth Park closes after dark, with the lighted areas staying open until 11pm. As always, it is recommended that if you go into Forsyth Park after dark that you always have someone with you.

From the technical side of this, the photograph is actually a 9 exposure hdr photograph. Once I tone-mapped it, I wasn’t quite happy with the colors. Realizing I have never done a black and white photo of the fountain made this an easy decision.

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