Take me up to Bay Street! image The Candles at St. Johns in Savannah

Photographing Savannah’s Old Buildings

Photographing in Savannah

Savannah is a great city to be a photographer. There will never be a shortage of things to photograph while walking the streets of Savannah. Once you take in the big picture. the historic homes, the squares…you start looking at the details. The run down store front, the grungy chain link fences, the animal themed downspouts, or whatever else you may find. Everywhere you look in Savannah, there is a photo waiting for you to take it.

This little gem is right between Bay Street and River Street. If you know where Savannah Smiles is, which is an awesome place btw, just look right across the street from it. Next time you are photographing in Savannah make sure you take the time to really look at the beauty all around you…and frame it with your viewfinder…

Photographing old Buildings in Savannah Georgia

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