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Savannah’s Hidden Spots

Off the beaten path in Savannah

Here is another photograph from Madison Square which most people would probably walk on by. never knowing it even exists. Between the Green-Meldrim House and St. Johns next door is this little walkway. It isn’t anything too terrible special, but it is pretty cool. Like I have said many times before, get off of the beaten path while photographing Savannah. That is where you will find the really good stuff.

Most people, when they come to Savannah, take the same photographs as the people before them. It is boring. Getting off of the beaten path is one way to help ensure that your photographs of Savannah are different from the person who will come after you. Everyone likes to show off their vacation pictures…but people will enjoy seeing them more if they are not the same pictures everyone else takes. Give is a shot, explore Savannah!

A few people have e-mailed me and asked me what Square this is on. It is on Madison Square.


Photographing Walkways in Savannah Georgia

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