The Sergeant Jasper Monument in Madison Square The Grungy Side of Savannah

The Streets of Savannah at Night

The Streets of Savannah at night

Some days, after the sun goes down, the streets of Savannah start calling out your name. There is something very meaningful about walking along such old and historic streets. Doing it at night brings out a whole new side to the energy that flows through the streets. You may even get lucky and get a nice foggy night to explore the historic city of Savannah. The fog seems to add a layer of mystery and intrigue to your walk around Savannah. The streets and alleyways keep calling you deeper into the city at night. As you pass the historic homes you will feel like you have been transported back into time.

The night is also a great time to take a tour in Savannah. There are many Savannah Ghost Tours companies who offer tours of the streets of Savannah at night. It is nice to be in a group of people too. While Savannah’s historic district is a relatively safe place, you should always walk the streets of Savannah with someone at night.

Walking along Bay Street I stopped at the corner. I looked up and to the right and noticed this sight. I took its picture. Now you’re looking at it. Kinda’ cool how that works…right? ha..

Photographing the Streets of Savannah at night

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