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Springtime at Bonaventure Cemetery

Visiting Bonaventure Cemetery, in Savannah, in the Springtime

Springtime at Bonaventure Cemetery

The other day I decided to take a few hours out of my day and head out to Bonaventure Cemetery. Every year, around this time I try to spend a few days at Bonaventure, it is even more beautiful than it normally is. Springtime in Savannah is the time for Azaleas. When the Azaleas start blooming all of Savannah, including Bonaventure Cemetery, is bathed in beautiful color.

There are many reason to want to visit Savannah and Bonaventure in the spring time. It really is the perfect time to come check out our beautiful and historic city. The temperatures are not soaring into the triple digits, the humidity is not unbearable and the tourists have not arrived in full force. On top of all of that, the colorful azaleas which are growing all over the lowcountry and blooming. The pinks, reds and whites put eye popping color into every scene you see. You can hardly walk through Savannah, and you definitely cannot in Bonaventure, without seeing a grove of azaleas in full bloom when you are visiting in the Springtime.

Pictured above is the Talioferro Monument located in Bonaventure Cemetery. It is probably one of the most photographed monuments in the Cemetery. It is located right next to the plot and monument for Gracie Watkins, a very popular grace to visit in Bonaventure. In the spring you will appreciate the lack of visitors to Bonaventure. It makes viewing and spending time at this monuments much easier.

For more information about visiting Bonaventure Cemetery please check out our Bonaventure Cemetery Page. It has all of the information you need to know in order to plan a visit to this beautiful cemetery.

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