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Sunset at the Wildlife Refuge, Savannah Georgia

Sunset at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Sunset is the perfect time to photograph landscapes..for me anyways. And Savannah Georgia has no shortage of beautiful locations from which you can check out the sunset.

Many visitors to Savannah Georgia are drawn into the historic district because of our beautiful Squares, historic homes and incredible architecture. Many of them are surprised to find out just how wild Savannah can be. If you leave the Historic District you can be in any number of interested wildlife areas. Swamps, rivers, beaches, pine forests, grass lands…they can all be found within a few minutes of downtown.

On your next trip to Savannah try getting out of town for an afternoon. Check out the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. Not only will you see some beautiful scenery but your chances of seeing one of our many alligators is pretty good too. And you can do it all from the comfort of your car!

Photograph of the sunset at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge near Savannah Georgia

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