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Sunset over the Marsh

Photographing Savannah’s Wetlands

One of the many things people love about Savannah and our area is the diversity of landscapes. In a span of 5 minutes you can be in downtown Savannah checking out the remarkable architecture and historic squares, ¬†and then 10 minutes later a swamp spanning hundreds of acres filled with alligators and an assortment of birds. It is great! For anyone who loves the outdoors, there isn’t much more than you could ask for.

One night I was walking a long a nature trail not far from Savannah. The sun was setting, the bugs were doing their best to drain me of every drop of blood and I was loving it. The scene before me was gorgeous. It was one of those sunsets where you endure the bug bites knowing that the week of scratching to follow will be worth it. The sky started it’s light show and I stayed for the whole performance.

A photograph of the sunset over the marshes in Savannah Georgia

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