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Take a Ghost Tour!

Ghost Tours of Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah Georgia

Take a Ghost Tour!

This picture above, of the Colonial Park Cemetery, reminds me of one of the most popular activities here in Savannah Georgia, ghost tours. February is fast approaching and you may be thinking…a ghost tour in the winter? Absolutely! The weather is nice and cool at night, the streets are fairly empty…it is a perfect time to get out and enjoy the haunted side of Savannah. There are a few ghost tour companies here in town that offer great tours, but today we are going to tell you about Ghost City Tours here in Savannah.

Ghost City Tours is a fairly newcomer to the Savannah tour industry, but they are quickly making waves for their high-quality tours, their emphasis on real historical research, and having some of the best tour guides in Savannah. Personally, I feel some of the ghost tours here in Savannah can go off a little into storytelling too much. It is a breath of fresh air to take a tour which is based on real events, real people. That is where Ghost City Tours excels.

The tours offered by Ghost City Tours are also some of the most varied tours in Savannah. Most nights they offer three or four different tours. Each tour is really different from the next. They even offer a ghost tour, the Beyond Good and Evil Tour, which blends a lot of the weird history of Savannah into the tour, so it isn’t just strictly a ghost tour. This is a great tour if you want to hear about the strange happenings and people who have helped make Savannah a unique little city. It comes highly recommended on TripAdvisor. Another popular tour seems to be their Haunted Pub Crawl. I guess you cannot go wrong by mixing alcohol and ghosts! The tour is lead by Brad Dilling most nights. Every time you see this tour out everyone seems to be having a great time.

In the next few months, Ghost City Tours is going to be offering some special events in Savannah. My point of contact within the company, Tim, has told me that they are working with other tour companies in the city to provide some unique activities for visitors of the city. That is all he would tell me though. So, I guess you will have to follow us on Facebook to hear the news when it first breaks.

There are many ghost tour companies here in Savannah, each offering something a little different. We will highlight more of the tour companies here in the next few weeks as we gear up for the start of tourism city. There are many high-quality tour companies here in Savannah. And we will only bring you the best!

For more information about Ghost City Tours please visit their website for more information or call them at 912-660-9539.

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