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Taking a Night Tour in Savannah

Taking a NIghttime Tour in Savannah Georgia

Take a Night Tour in Savannah

Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Many people come to Savannah to take in all of the historic buildings, beautiful squares and amazing architecture. An overlooked way of taking in all of Savannah is taking a tour at night in Savannah. The streets of Savannah come alive after the sun goes down. And practically, if you visit during the sweltering summer months it will be much more comfortable to tour Savannah at night than during the day.

For the most part the historic district of Savannah is pretty safe after the sun goes down. Of course you should always go out in groups or with an actual tour company. Savannah has many tour companies with some of them offering tours at night. Ghost tours are a popular way t get out and explore Savannah after dark. Even if you do not believe in ghosts the tours tend to be very entertaining and educational. A good ghost tour will not only tell you stories about the streets of Savannah after dark, but also answer any questions you have about the historic buildings in Savannah.

Savannah can also be fun to photograph at night. The photo above is of the First Independent Presbyterian Church on Bull Street. It makes for a beautiful black and white photograph.

On your next trip to Savannah consider taking a tour of Savannah at night. It is a fun way to put a spin on the traditional tour of Savannah.

Night Tour Companies in Savannah

If you’re looking for a good company to take you around the historic district in Savannah at night try Ghost City Tours of Savannah. Don’t let the name ‘ghost’ fool you. They offer tours at night that have nothing to do with ghosts. They do not advertise it that so make sure to ask for it. Consider it an insider bit of information.

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