The World War Two Memorial The World War Two Memorial in Savannah, Revisited

The Benches in Columbia Square

Columbia Square is one of my favorite Squares in Savannah. Most times of the day Columbia Square is very peaceful and relatively quiet. Sitting on the Square are two of the more well-known homes in Savannah, the Kehoe House and the Davenport House. If you are out and about in Savannah and need a place to just relax, away from the crowds of Johnson or Ellis Square, give Columbia Square a shot. Maybe you will agree with me and add it to you favorite list.

Surrounding the Wormsloe Fountain, in the center of Columbia Squares and park benches. Nothing special about the benches, but they do make interesting subjects for photographs. The photograph below is of two park benches on the north side of the Square. You can see the Davenport House in the background on the left of the photograph. As far as processing, this isn’t my normal treatment. I don’t put many black and white photos of Savannah up. I too this one even further and tried to give it an older feel without trying to throw one of those over-used Instagram type filters on it.

Park Benches in Columbia Square, in Savannah Georgia

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