Photographing Savannah’s Old Buildings Doorways in Savannah

The Candles at St. Johns in Savannah

Candles at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah

The Candles inside of St. Johns Cathedral

A few months back I had the chance to spend some time photographing the inside of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Savannah Georgia. It was quite the treat and I still have a ton of photographs to process. The inside of the Cathedral, if you’ve never been, it absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmen who did the interior were true masters.

When inside the church I was a little nervous. I had sneaked past everyone with my tripod, not sure whether it was allowed or not. In this type of environment, you really need a tripod. With it being on of the best known Cathedrals in Savannah, I really wanted to get the best photographs I could, to do it justice. And even though the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah still needs to be seen to truly appreciate, I hope this photos come close. Any Catholic would immediately know what these candles are for…

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