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The Church Door – Savannah Georgia

Churches, cathedrals…they are an integral part in the daily life of many people here in Savannah. During my time here I have found Savannah to filled with pretty religious people. Most of the people I talk to go to church regularly.
This particular church, well the side door of it anyways, is St. John’s Episcopal Church on Madison Square. This should not be confused with the Cathedral of St. Johns, which is a totally different church. That church is on Lafayette Square, the church in this photograph is on Madison Square.

In between St. John’s Episcopal and the Green Meldrim House there is a courtyard type area with a fountain in it. That is the side of the church that this door is on. When I was taking this photograph of the Green Meldrim House I turned around and there it was. If you have spent anytime on this website you will notice I have a thing for paths, so I couldn’t pass this up.

Many of the churches and cathedrals in Savannah are very elaborate and ornately decorated. If you go for a walk along the streets of Savannah you will find many doors like this on many churches. Maybe somebody should do a project photographing church doors in Savannah or something…

Church Door from St. John's Episcopal Church in Savannah Georgia

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