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The Ghostly Side of Savannah

The Ghostly Side of Savannah

If you want to increase your chance of seeing something paranormal check out one of the Savannah ghost tour companies. Savannah is such a historic city. Even when it comes to some not-so-great things. In the history of Savannah there were numerous fires which pretty much burnt the whole town down, yellow fever epidemics, the slave trade, murders, suicides….you name it and almost any type of tragedy that can happen to a town has happened in Savannah. It might be all of these things which have contributed to Savannah being named the most haunted town in America. Now, whether or not you believe in ghosts or paranormal activity, a simple walk around the historic district of Savannah at night will convince you that Savannah surely emits an energy that is hard to describe and even harder to describe.

This photograph was taken in historic Monterey Square, on the south end of the Historic District. Some nights when you go out the humidity and weather conditions contribute to foggy conditions all over the city. You couldn’t get better ambience for a spooky walk. You might even end up seeing one of Savannah’s famous Ghosts.

No matter what, get out at night and take a walk while you are visiting Savannah. It won’t take long until you start feeling the stares of the residents of Savannah’s past.

Ghostly foggy night in Monterey Square.

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