The Streets of Savannah at Night The Kehoe House

The Grungy Side of Savannah

Photographing Factor’s Walk in Savannah

One of the coolest areas tSavannah is the River Street and Factors Walk area, along the Savannah River. In this area you will find many old building, tourists and cool alley ways. This is what I call the grungy side of Savannah. And it is a blast to photograph! Everything is dark and dingy. It is great.

Getting down to River Street from Bay Street is a pretty simple task. There are sets of stairs along the Factors Walk area leading down to River Street. You may remember this photograph I posted a few weeks back on the stairs leading down to River Street. These are just another set of stairs. I liked this composition because it is mostly balanced. It is pleasing to the eye, my eye anyways.

ye anyways..Photograph of the Stairs on Factors Walk in Savannah Georgia

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