Sunset over Savannah The Green Meldrim House in Savannah

The Kehoe and Davenport Houses

The Kehoe and Davenport Homes in Savannah

Located on Columbia Square, in Savannah Georgia, are two of my favorite homes in Savannah. The Kehoe House and Davenport House sit diagonal from each other on Habersham Street in the historic district of Savannah.

I have photographed the Kehoe House (on the left) probably more than any other home in Savannah. It is a great home to photograph at sunset. The sun sets behind the house and just to the left, making for some dramatic photographs. The Kehoe House was completed in 1892 for William Kehoe, an Irish immigrant. When the house was completed William and his family moved into the home. I think I read somewhere that him and his wife Anne had something like…10 kids?! ¬†I guess that was much more common place back then. Now-a-days only people living off of ¬†welfare their whole life have 10 kids. An interesting bit-o-knowledge about the Kehoe house…for a period of time, the house was actually owned by Joe Namath, of football fame.

The Davenport House (on the right) is credited with helping start the preservation movement in Savannah. When threatened with demolition, a group of native Savannahians came together and raised the money needed to purchase the Davenport House. This was the first home saved by the Historic Savannah Foundation. They have gone on to save hundreds of buildings from destruction. The Davenport House was built in 1820. It is considered one of the best examples of Federal style architecture in the country.

The Kehoe and Davenport Houses in Savannah georgia

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