Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah The Savannah Street Sunrise

The Oglethorpe Statue at Sunrise

Chippewa Square at Sunrise

I decided to head to downtown Savannah and get some photographs at sunrise. My first stop was Chippewa Square and the General Oglethorpe State. While my guess about the position of the sun was a little off ( I thought it would rise more behind the monument), the photographs still turned out alright. The Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah is a favorite of mine to photograph, as it is for other people as well. You can view a close up photograph of the Oglethorpe Statue here.

In the morning the Historic Squares of Savannah Georgia can be a very peaceful place to visit. Before all of the hustle and bustle of people heading to work, tourists emerging from the hotels…peace and quiet can be found in the Historic District.

Photographing the Oglethorpe Statue in Savannah at Sunrise

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