The Oglethorpe Statue at Sunrise Lafayette Square at Sunrise

The Savannah Street Sunrise

Photographing at Sunrise in Savannah

This photograph was taken from Madison Square, looking east towards Drayton Street. More and more I have been trying to find these sorts of photos in Savannah. This isn’t a typical ‘tourist’ photograph. And with the number of tourists in Savannah (and all of them have cameras), it is hard to find a great photograph that hasn’t been taken. Another good way to find the photographs that other people don’t take is to take them when other people are not photographing. Early morning is a great time for this. Not everyone wants to get up early…including me, ha. So, if you are out and about with your camera when fewer people are taking photos…you chances of getting that unique photograph go way up. By the way, right behind my back is the Sgt. Jasper Statue in Madison Square, one of the more dramatic statues in Savannah. Also on Madison Square is the Green-Meldrim House. For a photograph of the Green Meldrim House in Savannah go here.

Photographing the Streets of Savannah at Sunrise

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