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The Sidewalk in Forsyth Park

The Sidewalk in Forsyth Park

Anytime you visit Historic Savannah you should make sure to spend some time visiting Forsyth Park. Forsyth park is easily one of the most visited areas in the historic district of Savannah. On any given day tens of thousands of people will walk through the park, checking out the famous fountain and just taking in the scenery in general. It is a great area for relaxing and people watching as well.Along the sidewalks throughout Forsyth park there are many benches. If your feet need a rest don’t hesitate to have a seat and watch the show!

This photographed was taken on the north end of Forsyth Park. This is probably the most popular area with tourists. This end of the park, with the famous Forsyth Fountain, is dominated by the old oak trees and Spanish moss that many people think of when they think of Savannah. The south end of the park tends to be dominated by locals, at least in my experience. The grassy fields are often filled with students relaxing in the sun and people playing pick-up games of soccer or frisbee.

Forsyth Park in Savannah Georgia

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