The PediCabs of Savannah River Street Sunrise…sort of

The Spooky side of Savannah

Ghost Tours in Savannah

Savannah is considered to be the most haunted city in America by many people ‘in the know.’ How they know this, I don’t know. Maybe they send out ghostly census workers to keep track of the number of ghosts we have walking our streets, who knows. I can say that I do know a large number of people who live and work in the historic district of Savannah who have claimed to have a ghostly experience. It is no wonder that these Savannah Ghost Tours are soo popular.

Next time you are in Savannah make sure to leave some time for some paranormal exploration such as a Savannah ghost tour. In all seriousness, it is very interesting and well-worth the time. If for no other reason, you will learn much about the history of Savannah.

Photography of a window with ghost images in Savannah Georgia

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