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The World War Two Memorial in Savannah, Revisited

The other day I blogged about the World War Two Memorial in Savannah Georgia. With the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor being today I thought I would add to that photo from the other day. Today, I am posting two photographs from the Memorial here in Savannah.

Once again, the World War Two Memorial in Savannah Georgia is located on River Street, overlooking the Savannah River. ┬áIt isn’t very old, I believe it was only 2010 that it was put in. I am sure someone who reads this can leave a comment below to correct me.

One days like today, I believe it is soo important that we look back at the sacrifices the men and women of our country have made over the years. It is important to honor those people and their memory. Today, with our country under attack from soo many different directions, we should never forgot what country those men and women gave their lives for. Today, our soliders are still in harm’s way, all over the globe. It is important to always be grateful for the sacrifices they make, but today, we honor the men and women who perished in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and we reflect on how the actions and events from that day changed our country forever.

World Sar Two Memorial in Savannah Georgia


The World War Two Memorial in Savannah Georgia on River Street

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