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Ghost City Tours of Savannah

Ghost City Tours of Savannah Georgia
One of the most popular ghost tour companies in Savannah Georgia is Ghost City Tours. Since early 2012 they have guided tourists through the haunted streets of Savannah Georgia. They quickly gained a reputation for offering high-quality ghost tours. They also offer he largest selection of ghost tours in Savannah. Everyone from a family with little children to adults wanting the scariest tour in Savannah can find something from Ghost City Tours.

The owner of the company, Tim, has stressed the importance of using historically accurate information in their tours. Many companies tend to go off into fantasy land when it comes to the stories they tell. Not Ghost City Tours. Each story and location is carefully researched before being added to the tours. Many times the truth is stranger than the fiction behind the ghost stories in Savannah.

Ghost City Tours currently offers four different ghost tours. The Savannah Haunts Ghost Tour starts at 7 pm. This is one of their family friendly ghost tours. They also offer the Grave tales of Savannah Ghost Tour. Starting at 9pm from Johnson Square, the Grave tales tour is a family-friendly option that takes you all over the historic district. At 10 pm is the Beyond Good and Evil Tour. This tour is more than a simple ghost tour. You delve into the strangeness that is Savannah, it isn’t strictly ghosts. At 11 pm is the Dead of Night Tour. This is the most popular 11 pm ghost tour in all of Savannah. It is an adult’s only tour that emphasizes the scarier haunts in historic Savannah.

For more information about taking a ghost tour with Ghost City Tours of Savannah visit their website or call them at 912-660-9539.