The Lucas Theatre in Savannah Backstage at the Lucas Theatre

Warren Square Walkway

Sidewalks in Savannah

There is something about the pathways in Savannah that allow you to escape to a time when horses were the means of transportation and the streets were made of sand. Many of the walkways, especially in the Squares that dot the Historic District have large oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging freely. It is easy to imagine that you’re back in the 1800’s. The horse drawn carriages and historic houses/buildings  help with that mental image. I guess this is part of Savannah’s charm.

The main sidewalks in the city offer little of this old-time’ charm. Usually it is touristy (is that a word) shops accompanied by the smell of horse piss. You have to get off the beaten path a bit to find these ‘trails’. Try the eastern part of town. Washington Square and Warren Square (pictured below) are two of my favorites.

A Photograph of a sidewalk in Warren Square in Savannah Georgia

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