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Whitefield Square Gazebo

The Gazebo in Whitefield Square

The Gazebo in Whitefield Square

Whitefield Square was the last of the Squares of Savannah to be laid out. in 1851 Whitefield Square was put into place. Named for Reverend Georgia Whitefield, the square is a popular place for many activities in the Historic District in Savannah.

Right in the middle of Whitefield Square is this big white gazebo which can be seen in the photograph below. This Gazebo has been the place of many weddings in Savannah. On any given Saturday there is probably at least one bride and groom exchanging their vows in Whitefield Square. While all of these happy activities may be taking place in the Square in the present day, it hasn’t always been that way. As a matter of fact, Whitefield Square is the site of one of the largest un-exhumed slave burials grounds in Savannah. I wonder if all of those beautiful brides realize that?!

If you are considering getting married in Savannah georgia consider getting out and getting married in one of our Historic Squares. Whitefield is a beautiful place for just such a thing….as is most of Savannah’s historic District.

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